customer’s personal information

I will explain about the handling and protection of the customer's personal information acquired for the operation and so on as follows.

Purpose of using personal information

We will use your personal information for the following purpose of use.

① For the operation of Nippon Distribution Study Committee
② As stipulated by the antique business law, for the use of transaction records in the antique market
③ Mail operation, information for posting mail, phone / e-mail, etc. for providing information / services. Survey on analysis or opening of customer trends.

Outsourcing of registration information

In order to provide better service, we have outsourced a part of the work to the outside, so we may entrust personal information to the subcontractor.

In this case, we will select outsourcers that are deemed to be handling personal information appropriately, negotiate necessary matters for prevention of leakage of registered information through contracts such as confidentiality, and will carry out appropriate management.